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Lisboa Entrepreneurship+

Measure 4: Provision of support to new businessess

The Lisboa Entrepreneurship programme was launched by the Lisboa City Council in February 2013 to support and encourage the creation of new businesses. In view of the current situation and given the need to support companies during economic recovery, CML has created the Lisboa Entrepreneurship+ programme, which offers a wider range of services to companies and provides information on existing support and consulting services, with a view to mitigating the effects of the crisis and promoting economic recovery.

Provision of support to new businesses is included within the scope of measure 4; this support is aimed at entrepreneurs currently wishing to make a difference by starting their businesses in Lisboa.

Develop your idea and submit your project to the Lisboa Entrepreneurship+ team.  We provide personalised technical support, based on an economic and financial view of the business, analyse business plans and offer access to financing through a microcredit line with a limit of €20,000.

Read about all the measures here​. The services provided by Lisboa Entrepreneurship+ are free.

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Lisboa entrepreneurship awards

Best Public Administration for Start-ups at the StartUp Europe Awards 2016 (Municipalities category), also known as the “Eurovision for Start-ups”. Promoted by the European Commission and Startup Europe, supported by the European Committee of the Regions and members of the European Parliament, and organised by Finnova, this competition seeks to reward initiatives aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and fostering enterprising policies and good business practices on a European level.


Grand Jury Prize at the European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2015 (first prize in all categories), awarded by the European Commission, which considered the programme to be “successful, inspiring and innovative”.