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Lisboa: a city of knowledge and innovation

The Lisboa Knowledge and Innovation Map is a digital platform which aims to promote Lisboa universities and make the city’s academic, scientific, innovation and R&D institutions and activities and known to national and international academic communities.

What can be found on the Map?

  • Higher Education Institutions;
  • Research & Development Centres and Laboratories;
  • Other R&D Institutions and Foundations.

The Knowledge and Innovation Map can be used to the following ends:

  • identify, locate, contact and find information pertaining to all Lisboa institutions engaged in creating and sharing knowledge, advancing research and fostering innovation;
  • attract international talent and international students by providing them with accurate, clear information on Higher Education Institutions located in Lisboa;
  • promote dialogue between the communities involved, by inviting individuals to offer their suggestions and updating available and published information;

Users will be able to find out the location and contact information of all institutions on the Map, as well as read about the respective activities and goals.
Institutions can be searched by type, city area or keywords.

Application to European Capital of Innovation

In July 2018, Lisboa applied to the European Capital of Innovation Award. Having made the shortlist of twelve finalists, the city was awarded a trophy in recognition of the efforts undertaken. Within this scope, Lisboa integrated the group of cities invited by the European Commission to present their strategies and accomplishments in the area or urban innovation at a session named “The ICaPital Stories”.