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Greater offer of qualified services, increased job offer

As the country’s largest provider of qualified services, Lisboa spares no effort to assert itself as a prime location on an international level. In recent years, several global companies have chosen Lisboa to establish their Service Centres and Competence Centres (namely the recent Mercedes Benz Digital Centre). Moreover, many national companies have been stepping up their operations in the city.

To continue on this path – turning Lisboa into a major provider of internationally qualified services – is imperative if we wish to offer employment opportunities and a good standard of living to youths currently studying and training for their future careers. It is thus essential to make the most of available assets and resources: highly qualified young adults and workers, good accessibility to large markets and increased participation in international innovation, knowledge and value networks.

Achieving these goals also entails overcoming current challenges, namely by expanding the area dedicated to quality offices, taking advantage of the opportunities arising from service relocation within the EEE and expansion of Asian businesses into Europe.