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Lisboa: health and wellness

Based on high-tech solutions and advanced know-how, the health and wellness sector plays a key role in the city’s future.
The future growth of this sector evidences the need for Lisboa (and Portugal...) to be capable of thinking and acting on multiple time horizons.
As a research and development hub where some major R&D facilities operate, namely the Champalimaud Foundation Centre for the Unknown, and several pharmaceutical companies have established subsidiaries in the last 12 months, namely PPD, Bial and Hovione (the latter two on the IAPMEI Campus), Lisboa boasts huge potential for health and wellness sector development.
On a longer timescale, the profound transformation Lisboa is currently undergoing in what concerns its hospitals, with the closing of old hospitals in the city centre and the opening of a large central hospital boasting clinical research facilities and a higher education establishment, should be perceived as an opportunity to turn the city into an international player within the health sector.
The new public hospital is expected to attract a wide range of companies and research institutions operating in several areas (pharma, biotechnology, pharmacogenomics, medical equipment and instrumentation and healthcare clinics, amongst others).
In this sense, the new Lisboa Central Hospital may become much more than just another hospital.